Fundraising is one of the most crucial parts of what we do here on campus. We donate to our Eastern CT Habitat affiliate at the conclusion of each school year.

Two of our biggest annual fundraisers are

Cardboard City

Cardboard City is one of our yearly fundraisers bring in big bucks that go straight to Habitat! This event is a fundraising event as well as a way to educate the UConn community about homelessness.

Homeless people often have to look for boxes that they can use to turn into a temporary shelter. Homelessness happens in more places than you make think as well. Cardboard City is our fall event, usually held at the end of October or beginning of November where us Habitators build cardboard houses on the Student Union lawn to catch the attention of passerby students. We use this eye-catching spectacle to learn about the homelessness happening in our communities, and we donate all funds directly to Habitat for Humanity along with our yearly donation.

Jail N Bail

This is our Spring semester fundraiser that we do every March or April. We partner with UCPD to cause a scene on campus that someone is being "arrested," and brought to our "jail cell." A bail is set for our criminal and donations can be used to either lower bail or increase it (depending on how badly we want to get our criminal out). This event is a lot of fun and we reach out to UConn staff and faculty to volunteer as criminals, which brings in even more attention.

Due to COVID-19 our last Jail N Bail event happened in Spring 2019 and plans for continuing are currently unclear.

  • Some awesome volunteers!