Habitat at UConn: What do we do?

Here at UConn, we collaborate with Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT. Check out some of the ways we volunteer with them below!



We build within the domain of Eastern CT Habitat for Humanity, which includes a lot of builds in Willimantic. Check out the most recent build: 123 Serwan Ave. Build dates are scheduled on the affiliate's website and they send us available dates that we can send our crew on! Due to COVID-19, we will not be participating in any builds through Fall semester 2020.


A Re-Store is a second-hand furniture store through Habitat that prices their inventory reasonably for those who cannot afford brand new hardware or materials. Volunteers do various tasks at a ReStore like organizing, building, demolishing, pricing, organizing, and more! Working at a ReStore is part of Habitat's umbrella term for "sweat equity," which is work that homeowners have to put into Habitat as a part of qualifying for a Habitat Home.

Hire a Habitator

We send out our volunteers to work locally on tasks such as raking, cleaning, and other yardwork. This is one of the ways we fundraise as well!

Alternative Spring Breaks

Each year we send multiple teams of 10-20 students to another part of the United States to work with a new Habitat affiliate. This expands our volunteering reach as well as our network of Habitat's we communicate with! Due to COVID-19, Collegiate Challenge has cancelled all Alt Breaks until the end of 2021.



Cardboard City

Our yearly fundraisers bring in big bucks that go straight to Habitat! This event is a fundraising event as well as a way to educate the UConn community about homelessness.

Homeless people often have to look for boxes that they can use to turn into a temporary shelter. Homelessness happens in more places than you make think as well. Cardboard City is our fall event, usually held at the end of October or beginning of November where us Habitators build cardboard houses on the Student Union lawn to catch the attention of passerby students. We use this eye-catching spectacle to learn about the homelessness happening in our communities, and we donate all funds directly to Habitat for Humanity along with our yearly donation.

Jail N Bail

This is our Spring semester fundraiser that we do every March or April. We partner with UCPD to cause a scene on campus that someone is being "arrested," and brought to our "jail cell." A bail is set for our criminal and donations can be used to either lower bail or increase it (depending on how badly we want to get our criminal out). This event is a lot of fun and we reach out to UConn staff and faculty to volunteer as criminals, which brings in even more attention.

Due to COVID-19 our last Jail N Bail event happened in Spring 2019 and plans for continuing are currently unclear.

Other Fundraisers

Here at Habitat we have some really creative minds. We put together some smaller fundraisers throughout the year to raise money, including Krispy Kreme fundraisers, Habitat for Halloween, and bake sales.


Raise Awareness

Things look different now. Times are tough. But homelessness never goes away. We take it as our duty here to shed light on substandard housing and homelessness in our local communities and use our social media accounts to connect to our general body members. We do our best to spread Habitat's mission and love.