7 Findings of COVID-19’s Impact on Housing

7 Findings of Covid-19’s Impact on Housing
Researched By: Rachel Lamore

  1. Nearly 1/3 of people in the United States can’t afford their needs.
  2. Covid-19 isn’t affecting everyone equally. In June 2020, Black Americans posted the highest unemployment rate of 15.4%, compared to 14.5% for Latinx, 13.8% for Asians and 10.1% for whites.
  3. Families are struggling to make rent both fully and on time.
  4. The number of borrowers who have deferred payments on their home loans have climbed.
  5. Mortgage lenders continue to tighten their standards.
  6. Builders of multifamily homes report construction delays.
  7. The future is uncertain.  Follow this link to join Habitat in bringing this to the attention of Congress members. Low-income families and organizations that work hard to serve them need to be prioritized during this pandemic.