Disaster Response

Disaster Response 

Researched by: Emily Zarrilli 


Every year natural disasters, war, and civil unrest displace millions of people from their homes. 


Habitat’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Program

  • Contains volunteers and donors
  • Offers shelter assistance, education, training, and partnerships to those affected
  • Provides preventative support and information for disaster-prone areas
  • Year round preparation to ensure readiness when disasters strike


Hurricane Katrina Response

Operation Home Delivery → house frames built around the U.S. and shipped to the Gulf for recovery efforts

  • Helped low income and hurricane struck people receive affordable housing

Houses built for specific families → the families needed to put in certain efforts to help rebuild their home 

  • Mortgage was cycled back into community to build more Habitat homes

Every family needs help to rebuild after an unprecedented disaster strikes. If you’re able, donate here