Beyond Housing

Habitat for Humanity: Beyond Providing Housing 

Researched by Steve Tiberio 


Not only does Habitat for Humanity provide housing to those in need, the organization goes beyond that by providing financial literacy classes and taking action with advocacy


Financial Literacy

  • Habitat offers financial education as part of the homeowner process. 
  • Gaining a more in depth understanding and knowledge of the finances that are involved in being a homeowner is important and crucial for long-term success. 
  • The classes have even helped families understand their own finances and even start their own personal businesses!


  • Habitat advocates for mortgage regulations, tax credits, land access, and federal housing programs. 
  • They routinely are demanding policies that lead to affordable housing for all and encourage others to do so as well. 
  • Habitat on the Hill: is an annual legislative conference where habitat members and volunteers visit the U.S. Capital. 
    • They advocate for housing affordability and other related issues with legislators. 
  • Linked here are petitions that Habitat is taking on action on. Visit it to let lawmakers know how important affordable housing is!